Wilful Ignorance; Disconnected Society

Considering the idea of wilful ignorance and disconnected society through comparing three approaches; Jim Dator, Jesse Schell and Ken Robinson.

Dator’s article shines a light on the wilful ignorance of humanity, but particularly government, in relation to environmental responsibility. The prioritisation of economic growth over the health of the planet is irresponsible at best, intentionally destructive and frankly evil at worst. The overwhelming feeling for me is that government has been bought and paid for by those with a vested interest, and that no amount of reason, logic or common sense will have any impact on the money driven lunatics pulling the strings.

Schell’s TED talk presents a terrifying possible future, with humans being turned into (even bigger) idiots driven by arbitrary point scoring to gain small advantages in life. The idea that humans actually hunger for the”real” resonates with me, and I think this is due to the lack of connection to nature and of real connection to each other. The goal of these games, at base, seems to be manipulation of human behaviour. Whether that is responsible or irresponsible, positive or negative, is a matter for debate.

Ken Robinson’s TED talk makes sense. Standard education is making people stupid, suppressing natural ability and creativity. This in turn is causing physical, mental and spiritual sickness. Again the economic goal of money above all else is failing humanity. This, I feel, is what connects these three approaches, and it is something that humans must address if there is any hope.



Dator, Jim; “New beginnings” within a new normal for the four futures.

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