What is Digital Humanities?

In a fast-changing digital world and an ever-changing humanities, is it the striving for a definition that is causing contention? The attempt to force a dynamic subject into a static box of definition may be the problem, and not the possibly indefinable nature of the subject itself.

Perhaps there is a need to accept that the definition of what a discipline is in itself is changing, and that DH, as a representation of that, is subject to more scrutiny merely due to its place in the development of new, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches. The boundaries between subjects are becoming more vague, and DH is showing the world how not fitting into a particular disciplinary box is not only OK, it is good, it is new; it is the way of the future.

Those at the forefront of change always encounter the most resistance, so instead of vainly attempting to force DH into a constraining and limiting box, we should accept the change, embrace the dynamism and the ever changing nature of the subject matter, and allow that awareness of movement to inform the way we define ourselves as digital humanists.

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