Cloud Flux

I make a conscious choice to look at the clouds; to see their beauty and to experience it fully in the moment.

In the glorious revelation that their beauty is not ever constant and will never be repeated; they are only in this moment, and in this moment they are all there is.

So I appreciate existence.

For we are like the clouds; ever changing, never the same in any two moments.

We are fluid, free and beautifully bright, lit from within and from without.

If we can move through life like the clouds, we will be truly free, never resisting the wind but merely changing with it.

We wisp and we waver in the breeze, letting it toss us this way and that.

That surrender makes us more free than all the money and things and people in all the world; that surrender is our true nature; the nature of nature; the nature of ever changing beauty and light.

We are free, and there is nothing we can do about it. Only give in.

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