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This is an uplifting and positive reaction to current global environmental issues; creating an online and real-world movement to help empower women to respond to very real and prevalent shared concerns about the future of our planet. Tree sisters specifically focuses on deforestation and climate change, and translates the digital connection to a physical connection in a very real sense. It is a global movement, joining people with a shared interest and trying to make positive change a reality. Tree sisters is an example of how creating and connecting an online community of like-minded individuals can be translated in to real world action, and lay the foundations for global change for good. I am already a member of this global group on Facebook, which is where I discovered it initially, but this is the first time I have actually visited the website. The website itself is easy to navigate, contains relevant information for how to get involved, and creates a feeling of non-judgmental connection.

As a Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/treesistersforum/ a “private group for those who want a safe place to step more fully into sisterhood, embodied femininity, nature consciousness, connectedness to the miracle of the living world as sacred”.  With over 20,000 global members, this movement celebrates feminine power, and embraces women as a “force of nature, on behalf of nature”. The group has planted over one million trees since the campaign began.

The ‘Connect’ section of the website is particularly interesting in terms of taking an idea from the digital world and translating it to reality. This section allows visitors to the website to view messages and groups included by others. This creates a lovely sense of connectedness, and a feeling of a shared goal and ethos, along with a realisation that there are many like-minded people who want to take real steps, take action, and create positive change in our world.

I can see how men may feel excluded from this group, and in reality they are. While I understand that that may be an issue for some men, the ethos of the idea is that women can find a space to be nurturing and supportive of each other and through that network, can contribute positively to the future of the planet. My feeling on the potential issue of the exclusion of men, is that they are free to create a similar movement if they wish to do so, or that there are many environmental movements which do not have a specific feminine focus. The feminine is an intrinsic part of the idea behind this movement, and connects to ecofeminist ideals, which support the idea of the embracing of feminine values combined with ecological activism.

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