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<title>Research Interests</title>
<sentence1>I am interested in how and why we so readily give our power away when it comes to our health, and how the expression of the patriarchy in modern medicine has so disconnected us from nature and instinctual knowledge.</sentence1>
<sentence2>My research interests are around connection and disconnection; how we as humans have become so disconnected from our natural environment.</sentence2>
<sentence3>I would like to explore how this connects to Eco-Feminist ideals, and how we can reconnect with nature through reconnecting with the feminine traits of nurture, nature and cooperation.</sentence3>
<sentence4>I see strong connections between the patriarchal values so deeply entrenched in our society and our disconnection with nature, and would like to find ways for humans to reconnect with themselves through embracing what is truly natural to them.</sentence4>
<sentence5>The rise of modern medicine as a capitalist enterprise deeply concerns me from a healing perspective, and I feel that if we rediscover our natural ways of treating disease and connect this with a more feminine, supportive and vibrant approach to health and well-being then we can translate this into a fairer society for all.</sentence5>
<sentence6>I think that technology is the tool by which humans will reconnect, especially if we use it sympathetically and in harmony with nature.</sentence6></text>