Research Interests

Exploring and seeking to remedy why humans have become so detached from nature, from community, and from each other – creating community connection through technology.

It is my hope that technology is the tool by which humans will reconnect and reform as empowered, conscious, responsible communities.

With this hope in mind, for a digital artefact I intend to create a website which will act as a virtual (and real) local community. Through connecting people with each other through shared interests and common goals, and acting as a resource for community engagement and action towards positive change.

This website will connect and expand the ‘conscious’ community, (embracing  a sense of meaning and purpose that permeates the community in various ways) by providing an organisational space where those who would like to step away from the homogenisation of capitalist culture can find their tribe, building connected communities and support networks from the outside in.

The connections could be organic farming, social or political activism, free economy events, workshops, craft beer appreciation, courses, swap meetings, bartering, yoga classes, support groups; anything that is community based, brings people together in a positive way and contributes to positive change.

My research interests lie in exploring and questioning how patriarchal and capitalist power structures have become an embedded inequality which has eroded communities, natural resources and support systems.

The influence of these structures in society have cemented the chronic disconnection from self and disembodiment of the human condition, shunning intuition in favour of “evidence”, community in favour of consumerism and emotion in favour of “logic”.

I would like to explore the connections between ecofeminist philosophy (the combining of ecological concerns with the awareness of the need for equality of all life on earth) and the modern movement for conscious living, and focus on how we can, and are, reconnecting through nurture, nature, community and cooperation.