I come from a place of outsideness. I am drawn to the periphery because that is where so much of the important work of change is found. My background is in natural health and wellness, and I have been involved in yoga teaching, vitalist nutrition, natural medicine and bodywork for over ten years. Philosophically I am drawn to ideas of action and change, responsibility and power; to concepts of health and disease, embodiment and bodily autonomy, and to the human perception of place and interconnection in the world.

I want to explore community, empowerment, connection and power through my MA research and the creation of a website which will strengthen support networks and communities and return a sense of agency and connection to my local community.  This website will connect the “conscious” community by providing an organisational space where those who would like to step away from the homogenisation of capitalist culture can find their tribe, rebuilding connected communities and support networks from the outside in.