Material Digital

The assertion that digital text is material, and not some ethereal, non-existent disembodied thing is a challenging concept for those of us still emotionally attached to the physicality and aesthetics of the print book, along with all the lofty associations that accompany the thought of “book” to each of us personally. N. Catherine Hales, in […]

The Development and Importance of XML

XML, or Extensible Markup Language provides definitive rules for the encoding of documents in a format which is both machine-readable and human-readable. It was developed because there was a recognised need for a persistent, simple and usable alternative to the much more inflexible HTML, which was being used for tasks it was not intended for, […]

Wilful Ignorance; Disconnected Society

Considering the idea of wilful ignorance and disconnected society through comparing three approaches; Jim Dator, Jesse Schell and Ken Robinson. Dator’s article shines a light on the wilful ignorance of humanity, but particularly government, in relation to environmental responsibility. The prioritisation of economic growth over the health of the planet is irresponsible at best, intentionally […]

The Beginnings of Ecofeminism

The term “ecofeminism” or ecological feminism was first used to describe the joining of feminism with the radical ecology or environmental movement, by French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne, in her books Le féminisme ou la mort, 1974 (Feminism or Death) and Ecologie-feminisme:revolution ou mutation (Eco-feminism: Revolution or Mutation?). Long before the term was first introduced, naturalist […]