Ireland’s Economy and the Rate of Immigration in the 21st Century: The Polish and UK Connection.

Ireland has a long history of population fluctuation, with emigration being the driving force of its changing demographic. This outward flow has been closely linked to economic factors, from the mass emigration during the Great Famine and towards the end of the 19th century (FitzGerald, n.d.), in the post-World War II era, to the more […]

Passive Humanitarianism – Active Apathy

Reflecting on participation in the Humanitarian Open Street Map (HOTOSM) and Mapswipe projects in the crowdsourcing of geographical, spatial data from satellite imagery for humanitarian projects worldwide. I have found the task morally challenging, and have considered both projects in the context of negative possibilities and potential future use of harvested geodata. The MapSwipe app presents a […]


“Nuttella on Laminated chipboard” Really? At first I thought, ooh, I quite like the texture, it’s actually quite attractive, shiny, chocolatey, smooth, tactile. Edible chocolate Artex, with a few bites taken out. Then I started to think about how big this installation is, how much Nutella the artist must have used, wantonly slathering it from (possibly comically […]

Material Digital

The assertion that digital text is material, and not some ethereal, non-existent disembodied thing is a challenging concept for those of us still emotionally attached to the physicality and aesthetics of the print book, along with all the lofty associations that accompany the thought of “book” to each of us personally. N. Catherine Hales, in […]